Mozart - compatible with life 

Happy Birthday, you dead genius. Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution requests more posts on Mozart ('Can too much Mozart make you sick?'), does his own bit, and, surprisingly, inspired me to this. Also check out the Viennese Mozart 2006 campaign, which has a lot of money to spend, but thanks to a smart guy in charge (socialdemocrat mayor Michael Häupl appointed the conservative politician Peter Marboe) has so far avoided any major embarrassments.

In my own life, Mozart's biography may have been even more important than the music itself, ridiculous as this may sound. Imagine Mozart-the-genius-child, detailed to me at innumerable childhood occasions, many during walks in Salzburg, where my grandparents lived. That one kitschy book about 'Wolferl und Nanni'. At three years he could do this, at five years that. All the while, his music was there to back up even the most outrageous stories, unchallengeable, undeniable. When I was 18, I sat down with a good biography and made my peace with the man.

In his music, there is a way to achieve deep beauty that is just breathtaking. His maybe tragic, certainly short life created this work - this fact continues to give me great joy. When we feel sometimes that our own lives are bounded by mediocrity, then the knowledge that people like Mozart have existed - and will exist again in the future - can console us.


Salzburg love mozart.
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