Green judgement day 

..in Vienna was the 15th of November. The newly elected Green members of the Vienna city-council had to vote who of them would fulfill which of the more important speaker-roles during the next five years (result here [DE], for insiders). Stage set for a confrontation between the left-wingers [Fundis], who were in the majority, and the moderates [Realos]. Yes, the two camps exist, don't let yourself be convinced otherwise. And here are some juicy public quotes from leading Viennese Green politicians:

14.11. Peter Pilz on his weblog [DE]:
At the [national party] congress [last weekend], power was at stake as well. A group around the Viennese city councillor Margulies tried everything at the congress and lost everything. ... After their defeat, some people now have to decide: do they want to continue like this or are they finally ready for a political debate: with programmes, ideas, and proposals. But maybe that is asking for too much.
15.11. Martin Margulies in the comments to Pilz's posting:
a small man with a thick cigar, or truly fact-based - truly real - truly pilz ... one has to thank people like peter pilz for the fact that the greens keep developing their ideas - after all he has already taken all possible positions on all questions of importance - flip-flop pilz or in other words
a small man with a thick cigar
15.11. Maria Vassilakou quoted in Kurier [DE] newspaper:
"This is an internal matter." The success of the candidates of the left wing was "an almost logical development."
16.11. Marie Ringler on her weblog [DE]:
Wow. Today I realise once again how much politics resembles an episode of "Dynasty". All ingredients are there: love, hatred, intrigue, treason... How are the voters supposed to still maintain their trust?
17.11. 16:45 Christoph Chorherr speaks out for the first time, in an interview with DerStandard titled "Green Chasm: Realo - Irrealo" [DE]:
the latest internal elections for [important roles] are "no compromise, they do not signal the necessary political relaunch - they are a defeat for the ability to produce politics [Politikfähigkeit]." ... One councillor had declared [referring to respected moderate Sigrid Pilz]: "Since you are in the wrong clique [Seilschaft], I will do everything so that nothing becomes of you." ... [According to Chorherr] one had to "develop the vision of a sustainable, innovative city, and that is not possible if one makes a resolution with a vote of 22:19, which is then repeated in a docile manner by everyone."
And how does your correspondent feel about this? I'm certainly not neutral. Maybe it is true what a commenter [DE] recently wrote at eDemokratie.ch:
Being a party member requires readiness to suffer.
[Parteimitgliedschaft bedingt Leidensbereitschaft.]

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