Where Austrian xenophobes are headed next 

'Heute' is a free newspaper that is distributed on the Vienna underground system. Sadly, on 26 September its editorship was taken over by Eva Dichand, the 32-year old daughter-in-law of Hans Dichand, who is the powerful editor of the unspeakable 'Krone' newspaper, read daily by 3 million Austrians. As you can see from the headline in the screenshot, which is also on the frontpage of today's print edition, Eva Dichand's new strategy for the previously harmless paper seems to be to overtake even the Krone in xenophobic agitation. The headline reads: "After Turkey's victory: EU also wants Serbia!". Not good for my stomach.


Clearly she has her position entirely on merit.

Gross. I suppose the headline could be construed as harmless, but I think xenophobes reading it know exactly what it's meant to convey.
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