Vienna election recap 

23:40 Final result SPÖ 49 (+2.1), ÖVP 18.8 (+2.4), FPÖ 14.9 (-5.3), Greens 14.7 (+2.2), KPÖ 1.5 (+0.8), BZÖ 1.2

The TV-discussion was not pretty either. ÖVP trying to signal understanding for a healthy dose of xenophobia. SPÖ soft like butter.

The really frustrating thing is that the situation where the Greens had a chance to be an uncontested third nationwide is now over, FPÖ-Strache announced with some justification that his goal is to come in in third place at the national election in autumn 2006, which would ruin all coalition options except the grand coalition a la Germany. Not good for any hopes of shaking up the traditional lines of tacit understanding and rug-sweeping in Austrian politics.

15% FPÖ voters is bad, but 15% based on the single-mindedly xenophobic campaign the party ran is depressing.

Time for some readjustment of political strategy and also for a painful realignment of hopes, at least for the stort term.

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