Vienna election day schedule 

15:30 The weather is beautiful. Only bloggers, FPÖ-voters and maybe some SPÖ-voters stay in town on a Sunday like this. Accordingly, first reports [DE] point to a low turnout.

At 17:00 CET all polling stations close simultaneously. There will be an exit poll which may be 2-3% off the result, but which might show the trends. The first prediction based on a partial count will come in at 18:00, then we'll know. My fastest source will be ORF videotext, which was offline for a day or so but has been repaired in time (on a Sunday!). At 22:25 there will be a discussion of leading politicians of all parties to re-evaluate the Austrian political landscape after the last of this autumn's regional elections.

On the level of rumours, in an online forum there was a report of an internal SPÖ-poll from last night that had SPÖ 53%, ÖVP and Greens at 18% each. All is not lost for my bicycle yet.

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