shock in the second projection of Vienna election results 

18:10 Those FPÖ-voters lied in the exit-poll, true to their character. Based on a 32% count the projection now looks like this:

SPÖ 49%
ÖVP 18,6%
FPÖ 15,1%
Greens 14,7%
KPÖ 1,6%
BZÖ 1,1%

I'm very angry right now. I blame chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel and SPÖ-leader Alfred Gusenbauer - the FPÖ has been revived on the anti-Turkey theme set by the two big parties. Thanks a lot.

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I also thought: typical, fpö voters lie when they are asked what they did vote.
But I also think, that a major cause for the wrong exit poll is, that less fpö voters than other people consent to these telephone interviews.

You missed one factor: There really is broad support for xenophobia and racism in Vienna. Always has been since I came here.

And now for the positive: It is getting less.

And yes. trust the national SPÖ to cave in before the Kronenzeitung every time. It may be time for soembody with a backbone, but there just is nobody...
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