Frenzy to the Finish 

As the Viennese election campaign - the first political campaign I'm witnessing from inside rather than as a detached observer - has entered its final week, I'm lost in the general frenzy of trying to make sense of all the contradictory opinion polls, trend reports, gossip, and over-generalised anecdotal experiences. I'm pretty clueless about the outcome, which may be unfortunate for a blogger, but I'm enjoying the ride. Naturally I hope that the Viennese Greens will do well - if you're among the approximately 2% of my readers who are allowed to vote in Vienna, please vote for the party of my choice. Convincing appeal, isn't it.

One of the things that strike me is how the party leadership with its consultants had devised a campaign strategy that is so complex that to this day hardly anyone but they themselves fully grasps it. The resulting initial confusion at the grassroots caused some operational friction, but thankfully by now things down here at the bottom are ticking along smoothly, and overall the Greens had a last week that was considered highly successful even by the independent media. To give you an example of the sophisticated nature of the top-level thinking, the Greens have varied the ratios of the individual campaign posters by city-district(!) so as to reflect what their pollsters told them about the demographics of their potential electorate in each district. As Die Presse reports [DE], none of the other parties could be bothered to do anything like that.

I will win a bicycle [DE] if the ballots come in like this on 23 October:

SPÖ 53%
Greens 19%
ÖVP 18%
FPÖ 8%


I sure hope you will win that bicycle. The outcome you predicted is great!
You are right: the Greens must have really thought about where placing which posters. I live in Simmering, here I see the posters on their social security concept Grundsicherung. In the Inner City, where I work it is same-sex marriages and woman leadership...

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