EU-Turkey-Austria: prediction of last-minute success 

12:00 CET: While Austria has made it to the CNN front-page with this article (a feat usually accomplished only when cable-cars full of tourists crash, or burn in tunnels), last-minute negotiations are still continuing five hours before the deadline in order to overturn the country's opposition to starting EU accession negotiations with Turkey without mentioning an alternative to full membership.

In addition to what I said before the week-end, I'll add that I'm convinced a solution will be found, since the Austrian government has more to lose by wrecking this process than it can gain: any hopes of re-election of the current government next fall hinge on a successful EU-presidency in the first half of 2006. Being an isolated scapegoat of the club would surely prevent that. So.

PS: I belong to the 10% of the Austrian population who are in favour of Turkish EU-membership under the conditions already specified.

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