Union and Greens abandon talks 

It took only one session of "exploratory talks" to convince both parties to abandon any further meetings, as the FAZ reports [DE]. The CDU will now pursue talks with the SPD as the only remaining option.

One reason for the early failure of the process remain the huge policy differences between the two camps.

A second reason for why particularly the Greens signalled already yesterday that the talks would be hopeless must be the ongoing power struggle within the Green leadership after Joschka Fischer has retired. Even a perfect coalition agreement would always have been extremely divisive Green-internally. In a situation where five people (the favourites Renate Kühnast and Fritz Kuhn as well as Krista Sager, Jürgen Trittin, and Karin Göring-Eckhardt) are jostling for the top two jobs [DE] at the head of the parliamentary fraction, none of them could afford a different strategy than to put party unity above all other concerns.

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