Procrastination won't help either 

So what's going on in Kosova? I keep getting these regular news items from RFE/RL, and nothing ever seems to change much. At the beginning of the year, the story was that talks about the final status of Kosova - independence or something that's very complicated, has a different name, but is basically the same thing - would begin in the second half of 2005, after the completion of the report of Kai Eide, the UN-representative, on the implementation of 'standards' by the Albanian side. That report is being delayed further and further. The rationale seems to be that in the meantime, the international community can continue to massage the Albanian and Serbian sides into compliance with its wishes and hope for improvements in the situation. Once softened up appropriately, the two sides will then be ready for the negotiations. For example, yesterday's update reads like this (non-permanent URL):
EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana said in Paris on 26 September that talks on Kosova's final status are likely to begin before the end of 2005, after Norway's Kai Eide presents his long-awaited report to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Reuters reported. "To say this will be a delicate [negotiating] process is an understatement," Solana argued. He added that "not only do Belgrade and Prishtina hold diametrically opposing views, but both also lack a stable political leadership [that is] able to take tough decisions."
Of course it's difficult. But as the international community is so afraid that it doesn't find the courage to finally make the first step, it keeps losing more of its already low credibility on the ground daily. This won't make any supervisory role for the international community any easier after the eventual agreements come about.

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