Germany clings to the left 

SPD c. 34%, CDU/CSU c. 36%, Greens c. 8%, FDP c. 10%, Left Party c. 8%

The Red-Green coalition has been voted out, but the right coalition CDU/CSU/FDP has not won a majority. The big surprise ist the weak showing of the CDU/CSU, which the last polls saw at 41%-42%.

First analysis at 18:30: As Joachim Raschke wrote [DE]in the taz in June (I commented here): "We live in a society that has a red-green value profile, which rejects Red-Green as a government." The population did not want this government, but it was not ready to swallow the idea of a conservative government (and politicians like Paul Kirchhof) either. The result is a momentary impasse. A grand coalition is likely.

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