Final Result of Albanian Election 2005 

Two months after election day, yesterday the Albanian Central Electoral Commission has at last published the final result of the 2005 general election in that country. The process was so slow because in the face of defeat the outgoing left-wing government contested many individual results, and a rerun had to be held in three seats in the second half of August. Complaints continued even after that. Only in the last couple of weeks the previously dominant PS (Socialist Party) of PM Fatos Nano hesitantly found its way to public acceptance of its defeat, albeit by accusing the opposition of having won through manipulations only. For the outside observer, it seems hard to believe that the opposition in any country would be able to do that.

Fatos Nano stepped down as chairman of the PS after publication of the final result, but it is not excluded [AL] that he will seek another nomination to the same post, which would thwart any hopes for a generation change in Albanian politics that would get rid of the longstanding vitriolic antagonism between Nano and Sali Berisha of the PD (Democratic Party).

For now however, it is the day of ex-president Sali Berisha, who will return to power as prime minister of the country eight years after he was toppled by anarchic unrest triggered by the collapse of several pyramid games of epic proportions. Berisha, while hailing [AL] the demise of his long-term rival, had to admit that the setup of his coalition government is still not finalised [AL] after the long summer, but assured that it was approaching completion. Berisha's coalition will have 81 of 140 seats in the new parliament, which means that his moderate coalition partners PR and PDR together will have enough votes to topple him if necessary.

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