The best part of Joschka Fischer's last interview 

This is a bit sentimental, but what must be done must be done. Joschka Fischer, hero of everything Green and German-speaking, has given what is allegedly his "last big interview for a long time" to the taz [DE]. Consider this bit of wisdom and real-time verbal creativity:
taz: Gerhard Schröder said recently that the Red-Green coalition did not fit the situation of society. In his words: "A Zeitgeist-coalition which happened at the Unzeit." Was Red-Green ten years too late?

Fischer: No, I see it completely differently. Politicians and parties cannot choose their time. History throws you into ice-cold water, hungry polar bears come after you, either you swim faster than them or you get eaten. You may wish to be swimming in more southern waters. But that is decided by the voters alone.

[Nein, ich sehe das völlig anders. Politiker und Parteien können sich ihre Zeit nicht aussuchen. Du wirst durch die Geschichte ins eiskalte Wasser geworfen, hungrige Eisbären sind hinter dir her, entweder du schwimmst schneller als sie, oder du wirst gefressen. Da kann man sich zwar wünschen, dass man gern in südlicheren Gefilden schwimmen würde. Aber das entscheiden allein die Wähler.]


Woah, finally found interesting blog tracking German politics :)


Gonna read it from to time.

Thanks rythin. 'Pain is temporary' is also in a niche that interests me...

Servus Georg! May be politicians can not choose their time, but they certainly can choose their profession, their policies, and their strategy - to let "History" make the choice seems to be a strategy of acquiescence.
If their strategy is to swim and run from bears, maybe they should not climb over the fence at the Zoo. :-)

dirtcrashr, agreed, but I believe good old Joschka was not talking about becoming a politician, which he has been since prehistoric times, but about winning power at a certain historical moment.

Ok I get it; so his Party, unable to choose a time to Win, was only ready to be eaten by History? :-)
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