Paul Kirchhof & More on The Attack of the German Political Blogs 

Angela Merkel has nominated Paul Kirchhof as the member of her 'competence team' responsible for finances (Stern [de], FAZ [de], TAZ [de]). He is thus her reply to SPD-finance minister Hans Eichel, although there are doubts whether the Heidelberg-academic and ex-constitutional judge Kirchhof has enough of a power base within the CDU to have a chance to become finance minister in the likely event of a Merkel-victory. Anyway, Kirchhof is an interesting man, seen as one of the best heads in German finance law. He also seems to be considered a brilliant commentator and orator, at least by the right. He is known for advocating the promotion of families in tax law, as well as for proposing a flat tax of 25% on all types of income. If you can understand German, I recommend listening to his speech to the last FDP party-congress here [de/mp3].


As I wrote previously, the upcoming German election on September 18 is proving to be a powerful dynamiser for the German political blogosphere. While me-too-efforts sponsored by the political parties are springing up almost daily (watch the decent semi-professional lautgeben.de for announcements of the latest newcomers), it seems time to establish a subjective shortlist based on quality (all in German language).

Alan Posener, the conservative "Kommentarchef" of Die Welt am Sonntag, turns out to be an excellent blogger who -- which is rare among blogging journalists -- even has understood the concept of linking: Apocalypso

Wahlblog05 thrives on its pluralist and moderately prominent group of authors.

Against the onslaught of the (semi-)professionals, Kuechenkabinett distinguishes itself by being a good old honest grassroots effort.

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