Election in Albania: First trends - results later 

As expected, there are no firm results yet from the elections in Albania. Counting started around midnight.

The oppositional PD of Sali Berisha claims to possess information that it won 10 of the 11 seats in Tirana that are assigned by the first-past-the-post system - this would signal that the PD is doing better than in the last two elections, when Tirana was split almost equally between the PD and PS, but these results alone hardly warrant the PD's displayed euphoria over a country-wide victory. (newspapers Shekulli, Koha Jone)

The ruling PS implausibly claimed in the night to be winning between 60 and 71 of the 100 first-past-the-post seats nationwide. And at 10am, a socialist candidate from Tirana claims that socialists are now seen ahead in 3 more seats in the capital (according to BalkanWeb).

The assembly consists of a total of 140 seats, the remaining 40 being assigned by proportional representation. Smaller parties like the newly-founded LSI will therefore likely receive only a handful of seats. Meanwhile LSI-leader Ilir Meta is reported to have won his seat (BalkanWeb)

It is possible that a clear result will emerge only by Tuesday or even Wednesday.

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