Albanian Election: 100 = 55 + 56 + 1 

Or so the contenders want to make us believe.

On June 4, 23:00 [AL], Gramoz Ruci of the PS reconfirmed his earlier declaration that the PS has won 55 of the 100 direct seats.

At 21:25 [AL], Zhozefina Topalli of the PD asserted that the PD would form the next government with 56 of the direct seats, with another 8 within reach.

Ilir Meta's single direct seat for the LSI was reported earlier in the day.

The Central Electoral Commission is still counting and keeps its mouth shut, apart from announcing measures to speed up the vote count [AL], which now seems to have become completely politicised.

Earlier, American caretaker Elliot Engel made a statement of dubious merit [AL], when, in awareness of the cliffhanger this is proving to be, he pronounced that the ultimate certification of the vote as free and fair was more important than whether the losing side would accept or contest the results. He couldn't have invited the two contenders in clearer terms to battle out this election result by all questionable means possible.

Oh, and both of the perennial mortal enemies Fatos Nano and Sali Berisha have won [AL]their respective direct seats, what luck for the country. Time for me to get some sleep.


Your funny headline is a running theme in the recent history of the country. One popular joke in Tirana goes as follows.

Clinton, Yeltsin and Berisha sit on a plane together and each wants that the plane flies to a different destination. So it comes to voting. Clinton gets one vote, Yeltsin two, and Berisha four. So Clinton and Yeltsin try to talk sense into their more exuberant colleague, stating that this outcome is logically impossible given the number of voters, to which Berisha answers: "But you forget that I have the people below".
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