Waking up at last: political blogging in German 

One of the reasons why this blog is written in awkward English rather than in unintelligible German is that in early 2004, when I started, it seemed to me that there was no critical mass of German-language bloggers with a sufficiently narrow-minded focus on politics, the few honorable exceptions notwithstanding. Since then I've seen gradual progress.

But I've now found out that over the last few months a number of good political blogs in German language have sprung up that are quite compatible with my highly subjective political tastes. I'll try to pay more attention and link to them in the future, for which this obviously incomplete list of new ventures may prove helpful:

From Switzerland, there's eDemokratie.ch, which takes a closer look at the big ideas underlying day-to-day politics.

Germany meanwhile is getting closer to reaching the common 10-fold-multiplier when comparing German political blogging output to its Austrian equivalent:Additional spots to watch would be welcome.


Thanks for this, please keep updating! I have been looking for good political blogs from the germanosphere for some time - especially Europe-oriented ones (and yes, you were on the list already ;-)).
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