Blair fails.., part II 

Anglo-Saxon bullshit-bingo (this quoted from The Times):
The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said yesterday that there was no point in spending the time arguing over areas of disagreement and Mr Blair would instead focus on the G8 agenda in general terms.

“We know the American position on the IFF [Brown's International Finance Facility for aid to Africa, ed.], and the 0.7 per cent (aid target), and Kyoto. You can either have discussions on areas where you know you are not going to get agreement or you widen the lens and try to see as a whole and try to get agreement on the overall problem,” he said.
I cannot tell you how excited I am about the power to work for good causes that Blair has built up over the years in his special relationship with America. After all, what more could anyone dream of than to widen the lense, see as a whole, and agree on the overall problem.


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