Sad politics: French voters reject EU constitutional treaty by 55% 

Just as Chirac is threatening to appear on my TV screen in a couple of seconds, I feel it's a sad moment for political Europe. The fact that European proposals elaborated with as much collective effort as the constitutional treaty are successfully and easily destroyed by people like the ones who are celebrating now on the TV stations across Europe (Mme Le Pen, Mr Emmanueli, Mr Haider) shows that the constructive part of the political spectrum has a serious problem in relating to its constituents. There is an issue of dissociation between the people and its representatives. On the other hand, this is exactly why it's high time to do something for the kind of politics we deserve.


It's a sad day for France in Europe. Like I said in my last post, I'm really wondering about how the leaders of the "NON" are tomorrow going to help build Europe together and assume their actions.

I don't expect much from the Non-camp either. It will be the rest of us who will need to pick up the pieces.
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