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Since I'm receiving a number of google hits for 'Kampl', I don't want to be seen as sweeping the latest sequel of this annoying saga under the rug. Yes, it's true, yesterday Siegfried Kampl, member of the Austrian Bundesrat, revoked [DE] his previous offer to withdraw from that second chamber of Austrian parliament. He had been under massive pressure to step down over his outrageous remarks from a couple of weeks ago ("brutal persecution of Nazis after 1945" etc., as I reported earlier). Yesterday Kampl gave as a reason for his change of mind that the current spokesman of the second chamber, who belongs to the opposition, "provoked him" by giving a speech last week in the chamber in which he condemned the remarks of Kampl and a similar incident involving an FPÖ-deputy named Gudenus. Kampl said he is now bent on assuming the rotating presidency of the chamber for the second half of this year, and claimed to have left the BZÖ, Jörg Haider's current party, to prevent damage to it, although he would remain loyal to Haider regardless. The opposition has announced that it will boycott such a presidency, if it really comes to that. There is a certain person in this story whose reasoning I believe can only be grasped in the vocabulary of psychopathology. I will refrain from a full statement of what I think about this person other than to say that I find him disgusting.


Your posts are helpful, esp. as I learn to navigate Austrian politics. Can you provide an RSS feed??

I'm glad you get something out of this. It seems we're on the same blog-host, so if you tell me how you manage to provide RSS, I'll be able to do the same ;-), otherwise I can only offer you this Atom feed at http://ostracised.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Try Feedster, Georg.

More importantly, it's really depressing that 57% of the French just agreed with the old bastard.

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