FPÖ-BZÖ morning update 


How did the last polls in Austria look like? (I'm not only curious about FPÖ, but the other two bigs and Greens too)

A few days ago, market-institute for News-magazine:

SPÖ (socialdemocrats) 41%
ÖVP (conservatives) 40%
Greens 11%
FPÖ 8%

Wow. SPÖ beats ÖVP despite more voters deserting the FPÖ.

...on second thought... may it be possible that a significant number of working-class FPÖlers switched to the SPÖ? If yes, was there a bait for them (some veiled anti-immigration rhetoric for example)?

according to general wisdom, övp beat spö at the last elections because more disaffected fpö voters switched to the fpö's coalition partner övp than to spö. since then, recent regional elections have shown fpö voters moving to spö rather - or 'back to spö' actually, because the larger part of the fpö's rise until 1999 came at the cost of the spö. at its peak, fpö was the strongest party among working class voters. back then, the spö tried to play the xenophobic card ad nauseam, but that always backfired by putting the fpö's rhetoric ever more in the mainstream. i'm not sure about the inclinations of the remaining winnable percentage points of fpö die-hards, but i suspect they are rather of the conservative type.
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