[weekend edition] Greens like Neocons? 

New York Times-columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, who claims to have been an 'environmental groupie' in his younger years, is concerned that alarmist environmentalists are driving their cause to the brink:
The fundamental problem, as I see it, is that environmental groups are too often alarmists. They have an awful track record, so they've lost credibility with the public. Some do great work, but others can be the left's equivalents of the neocons: brimming with moral clarity and ideological zeal, but empty of nuance. (via Oxblog)
Green neoconservative empty of nuance, hm, I hope that doesn't remind you of a certain blogger who is celebrating his one-year anniversary today.

On the face of it though, we note that Ulrike Lunacek auf the Austrian Greens has few nice words [DE] for the appointment of Neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz to the top job at the Worldbank. And that inspite of the fact that the latter had a long and engaging phone-call with Bono Vox [DE]. I am not so sure. Wolfowitz seems to be an intelligent man, and he said to the Washington Post:
It's not a secret. I care a lot about the spread of freedom and democracy. But as I've said over and over again, I think there's a political stream and an economic stream, and they flow together and reinforce each other. If I'm president of the World Bank, I know which stream I'm focused on.
Not too bad so far. Potentially the Greens could even agree with Wolfowitz that freedom and democracy are worthy goals, and a Wolfowitz without access to a military, but instead with good access to the wallet of George W. Bush might be a useful ally. Yes I know, I know, there is all that disagreement about the right means. And maybe the similarity between Greens and Neocons comes down to nothing more than the fact that both openly promote a vision in politics, rather than being satisfied with unimaginative realpolitik.

Let me end on an uplifting note and reproduce a snippet from an article on race by Armand Marie Leroi in the New York Times, dug out by Andrew Sullivan:
Happily, most of the Andamans' Negritos seem to have survived December's tsunami. The fate of one tribe, the Sentinelese, remains uncertain, but an Indian coast guard helicopter sent to check up on them came under bow and arrow attack, which is heartening.
Bow and arrow attack, yes. That shall be my trade in the next year too.

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