The Blue Knight and the Red Cloak 

Once upon a time, a blue knight lived in a country behind seven mountains. He was strong but dumb, and that made the blue knight angry. So he decided that he would destroy everything that he could not understand with his sword and ventured out into the world. After some time had passed, as the blue knight proceeded through a thick forest, he encountered an old fox. The knight straightened his figure, pulled back his hugely broad shoulders as he had taught himself in front of his mirror, and in a menacing voice asked the fox: “Tell me, old fox, who is more powerful, you or me?” The old fox tilted his head to one side and replied with an ugly snarl that the blue knight was stronger, but he, the fox was the more powerful of the two.
How dare you, thundered the knight, how could you ever have more power than I?
Instead of a reply, the fox started to laugh, and would not stop laughing.
So the blue knight took his sword and hacked off the fox’s head. The head rolled a few feet until it lay still and then continued its laughter, while blood came gushing out at the neck. Only when the shadows grew long in the afternoon the laughter ceased, and the eyes of the fox broke. The blue knight cut off the tail of the fox, fastened it to his belt, and marched away. When he rested for the night he dreamt badly. During daytime he travelled further and further and told of his deed and boasted how from now on he would kill all foxes in his way. Yet every night, his bad dreams returned.
After some time had passed, the blue knight reached a village that had a school, and he boasted to the headmaster with his story, how he had killed the fox who claimed to be more powerful than he. The headmaster shook his head and said, you are a dumb and uneducated man, you should come to my school so that I teach you. As he heard this, the blue knight went into a rage and screamed that rather the headmaster should come to him, so that he would show him how to use a sword to fight. The headmaster turned around on his heels and left, and kept his reply for later. If there had not been so many villagers standing around and listening, the blue knight might have cut off the headmaster’s head as well.
The next morning, when the blue knight walked by the school, he saw what the headmaster had done to answer him: the schoolhouse was covered over and over in red cloaks, small and big, hundreds of them fastened to the window frames, the roof, the walls, there were even some flying from the chimney like flags. The blue knight got angrier than he had ever been. He did not understand what he saw, but he recognised the red cloak: he saw it every night in his dream. He pulled out his sword and attacked. He sliced the red cloaks in all directions, tried to rip them off the building, climbed up and down the walls to reach all of them. The whole village was soon standing in the square, looking on in disbelief. The headmaster stood among them and smiled. And as hard as the blue knight would try, he never managed to remove all the red cloaks – when he finished at one window and turned to the next, red cloaks would reappear in the places where he had rampaged before. Slowly, the villagers started to laugh quietly, then louder and louder at the sight of this spectacle. And soon the blue knight’s head was ringing with their laughter. Oh well.

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