Some political questions 

Further on my last post, what communication channels could this political voice that tries to engage the educational underclass use? Forget about the internet. Forget about newly established print formats. TV and yellow press publications have the reach - but are the existing media in that class not soaked more with cynicism than even the worst of our politicians? So would the political voice have to take the form of a grassroots movement with the determination to walk the walk and talk the talk in the more unpleasant of our urban neighbourhoods? And would it, in that way, ever be strong enough to compete with the onslaught of TV and yellow press, see above? This is not the year 1910.

What would the content of its message be? Something like the various activities offered by the urban neighbourhood centers operated by the Wiener Hilfswerk-charity? These activity programs are attempts to engage the otherwise neglected in common action, and they are targeted for example at the old, the handicapped, the long-term unemployed etc. But the ideology there is that of the civil society that engages people who have fallen through the net of economic production. Is this good? Yes. Is this enough? No. The long-term unemployed need not only activity therapy, they need options for reintegration in the economy. A neighbourhood center cannot do this. A labour market programme would be required in parallel, and would have to be implemented in collaboration with such centres, which maybe would make the effort more political than these centres (which are backed by the conservative party) are supposed to be.


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