Ok, so we can consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed in our lifetime The-End-of-History as well as The-End-of-Big-Theories. So let us take a happy look at some dominating issues of our current, post-End condition:

The likes of Michael Posner (introduced here recently) and cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker are at odds how to interpret recent comments of Larry Summers to the effect that maybe men are more apt for mathematics than women after all. Posner, referring to another much debated product of present day intellectualism, Malcom Gladwell's "Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking", poses the provocative question whether snap judgements about people based on prejudice, while often not fair, may not nevertheless be efficient, and therefore rational. In contrast Pinker, while admitting that we are understanding more and more about the fact that innate individual differences do exist and play a significant role in our lives, argues that nevertheless people should be granted equal rights even if different. (The Posner - Pinker contrast established by the HedgeFundGuy at Mahalanobis). Outright sensational.

Meanwhile, at Crooked Timber, we can read about sociologist Emile Durkheim's (1858-1917) defense of marriage as the best solution for men, despite appearances. Fortunately for us post-Theory people, in the comments, a Conrad Barwa has a friend who used to talk about Lacan to him - nice line of defense, "my friend would like to know..".

Not to mention this [DE] on a popular Vienna-based blog (185 comments).

Big Issue for sale somebody? ANYbody?

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