Green candidates for Viennese municipality 

Last Sunday, the Viennese Greens who aspire to win second place in the next elections for the municipality established their list of candidates. DerStandard sees a move further to the left [DE]. From the list of elected candidates, my favourite unknown face is that of Ingrid Puller, streetcar driver, who doubts whether it is really possible that she is the only extra-terrestrian blue-collar worker who votes for the Greens, and asks for an approach to communication that has an appeal beyond academics.

Meanwhile, Johannes Hahn of the Viennese conservatives had much more wicked fun [DE] than I had when reading the new economic program [DE] of the Viennese Greens (edited by left-winger Martin Margulies). It is a profoundly weird document. I hope to come back to it when my time budget allows, to try and identify the various incompatible political belief systems and ideologies that seem to have cooked this up.

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