Yushchenko's clueless Viennese doctors, according to Austrian weekly 

Austrian weekly Profil covers this week with the chronological 'inside story' [DE] of Viktor Yushchenko's treatment at the Viennese private hospital Rudolfinerhaus.

According to the report, the doctors at the hospital and various external local experts they consulted were unable to determine the cause of Yushchenko's symptoms during the period from September to December. Perhaps crucially, at the end of September the laboratory of the Viennese institute of forensic medicine, which was given the task to analyze the blood samples, was unable to detect the dioxin due to a lack of appropriate equipment.

Only after television pictures showed clear indications of chloracne in November, several international experts came forward with the dioxin hypothesis. New blood samples were taken and sent to reference labs of the European Union, one of them in Amsterdam, and these labs then confirmed the diagnosis of dioxin poisoning.

All in all, the Rudolfinerhaus does not come out as a paragon of medical excellence in this story, all the more with the internal disagreements among the hospital's leading staff, which eventually lead to the resignation [DE] of director Lothar Wicke, a story that is told by the Yorkshire Ranter.

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