Hello again from Vienna, the city of month-long winter fogs. Today a new variant seems to be in the making, the 'snow fog'. No, you don't want to ask. Snow fog greets me as I'm trying to climb out of bed after a week of illness, and that's a seasonal norm too.

A reader in an online forum of a newspaper requests that before letting Turkey join our EU, they should establish their own unions first. Maybe he was thinking of a Turkey-Ukraine union? Yawn.

On the local side, we now have a clearer view of the field of candidates for the next municipality elections:

Mayor Michael Häupl, heavyweight former biologist socialist intellectual turned gemütlich [cosy] for the SPÖ, with a good chance to defend the absolute majority;

Maria Vassilakou, intensely marketed poster-woman for the Greens with street-fighting spirit;

(new) 'Gio' Hahn, former betting-company executive and liberal poster-boy for the conservative ÖVP, who denies being conservative at all, and who's supposed to win back those young Bürger-votes that have defected to the Greens;

hc Strache, FPÖ, after a bad, bad autumn wrecked by his fencing adventures and his self-nomination as interior minister.

Looks like it will be entertaining, and like nobody will seriously challenge Häupl.

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