Ugly thinking at Brussels and elsewhere 

The EU negotiators apparently want to impose permanent restrictions on the freedom of work of Turkish citizens in other EU countries after accession, right from the outset of negotiations. I'm disgusted by such an essentially racist alteration to the spirit of the EU treaties. Needless to say, Austrian politicians are pleased - DerStandard [DE]:

In this context [Austrian chancellor] Schüssel emphasised that Austria wanted to "maintain its own control" over the labour market. "I cannot imagine that one could define a process of negotiations without permanent exceptions in the labour market", Schüssel said.


What is the point of the EU if there is no freedom of movement?

This may be a move to get a Turkish rejection, because without freedom of movement, the Turks will not swallow all the other crap.

Turks already in Europe might even go home, if they have freedom to come and go.
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