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As my outsider's viewpoint leaves me completely clueless about who actually won the presidential election in Ukraine, here are some local links to improve on that state of affairs.

Byrne of obdymok reports on the fast-changing situation and has his fun with the low levels of insight in reporting in the global media.

Veronica Khokhlova of Neeka's Backlog has attended some of the rallies in Kyiv and will surely comment as events unfold further.

Ukraine News is an aggregator of mainly Western news sources.

Interfax-Ukraine is also online in English, although their server seems to be struggling.

UPDATE: The OSCE has put its rather negative 'Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusions' online [.pdf].

At the moment it seems plausible that the real vote was close to evenly split. That in a way is a worst-case outcome, as it pitches the power-preservation instincts of the government and the desperate hopes of an opposition that is oh-so-close to its goal against each other, and it seems likely that the final outcome will be decided outside of the ballot box.

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