Public responsibilities 

Forgive me for still being behind the news. The murder of Theo van Gogh; I read Eamonn Fitzgerald's compensation for an earlier silence about the topic due to travels, as well as sauseschritt's suggestion to take a closer look at the situation of muslim women in our own neighbourhoods.

"There's no fear here", writes Eamonn Fitzgerald, and condemns "all those who have embraced the Islamist death cult." I do believe though that fear is a legitimate reaction, not every civilian is always obliged to 'stay on the message' in public communication under the eyes of the totality of international terrorists. On the other hand, I'm opposed to creating a big media hype around every terrorist offense.

So let's follow sauseschritt's advice and be sensitive to our environment. Mechanisms of social exclusion--based not just on religion and gender and race, but also on social background, accent, education, age, looks--are everywhere, buying a lunch-time sandwich fifty meters away from your office is enough to encounter several moments that should be different, and where attentive real-life communication could possibly do a little trick here or there.


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