[meta] Two types of Ukraine observers 

This is not about the events, but about the attitude of the outside observers to the events.

There are those who, because they support the revolutionary cause in its ideological substance, express wholehearted support. This is noble. It is also, so to say, 'Western interference', which will not tilt the balance, but which provides a source of support for the revolutionaries - as well as for the conspiracy theorists of the incumbent camp. For example, the support of figures such as Vaclav Havel or Lech Walesa (or Instapundit, once I'm at it) may be meaningful for the Ukrainian opposition.

And then there are those (I'd like to count me among them) who support the revolutionary cause but who more or less abstain from direct participation in the struggle between the two camps. Apart from personal timidity or indecisiveness, the reason could be a perceived imbalance between how little these observers know about the real situation on the ground, and how coarse-grained any long-distance declarations would have to be because of this. When information is scarce, they don't hasten to interfere unless called upon. These observers can help by weighing the available information from a detached perspective, and they should attempt to stimulate a pervasive political dialogue. This in itself can be a useful contribution I believe.

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