Labour of love 

I must have been one of the last people to hear that George W. Bush won the election. Our common task now: Show him our love.

My individual new subtask, easier: Show my love to Meidling, the Viennese district number 12.

The Austrian Greens march ahead, with a complex new defense doctrine [DE] that aims at a European army and the abolishment of Austrian neutrality. Is this the right way to love the USA? ;-) And will they be able to communicate such a policy that explicates a mix of short-term and long-term objectives on five-word campaign posters?


Just tell me two things:

1. Why Meidling?
2. Does it really have to be that complicated to comment? (Although I know, what the Problem is with Blogger.)

Meidling: it really is difficult to love it. i try to do it since I was born there ......

Es ist mir noch unklar, wieso eine €-Armee antimilitaristicher als herkömmlicher Armeen sein soll. Noch unklarer ist, wie genau die österreichische Grünen das überhaupt zustande bringen werden...

In one of my first posts on this blog, I wrote dramatically "You will think that if you can survive Vienna, you can survive life." Through a minor cut-and-paste operation on my living place, this has now become "You will think that if you can survive Meidling, you can survive life." I like this.

Alex, I guess Peter Pilz who drafted this would argue that military capability is necessary as a last resort. Then the old utopian would emerge from within him, and make him believe that a €-army that does not exist yet can only be better than what he have, and of course this is based on hope more than anything else. The timing is still cute.

Ach, der Pilz. Ich erinnere mich noch daran, wie die ÖVP ihn als "gewaltbereite Chaoter" angegriffen haben. "Die Grünen sind die Partei der Gewalt in Österreich - die Grünen sagen ja zur Gewalt" - so hieß es damals bei Maria Rauch-Kallat.

Na, so falsch waren sie aber net.
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