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Sodazitron links [DE] to the summary [DE .pdf] of a discussion among returnees from various missions in Kosovo about the situation there after the March unrests. The tone of the summary is interesting, there is a lot of (self-)criticism, but one also feels the stubborn unwillingness of the participants of the discussion to give up. Improvement or solutions are not in sight, but a high level of commitment must be sustained.

It seems like a motto for the situation faced by political observers who have to digest the perspective of four more years wherever you look. It also strikes me how most of the blogs I have monitored more or less regularly over the last few months keep getting better, keep sharpening their focus and messages. Even if the situation cannot be changed at the macro level, at least many people are succeeding in analysing ever more accurately and articulating ever more eloquently. That's a lot.

9/11 triggered a wave of 'war bloggers'. Will the Bush-reelection trigger a wave of 'realpolitik bloggers'?

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