THEY broke the new ceramic hob, because they had cut the opening for it too small, got frustrated about it, and used a hammer to force the thing in - bad idea

THEY drilled a hole right through the wall from the kitchen to the living room

THEY fell from the ladder, crashing into the cupboard they were trying to mount, and destroying two of its four sides

THEY mounted the sliding doors of the same cupboard in a way that they cannot be shut

THEY didn't bring the fastening screws to mount the kitchen board

THEY had ordered completely wrong holders and could not mount the shutters

THEY came for an inspection to plan a four-hour cleaning job, and made a special price offer of EUR 225

(to be continued I fear)

THEY are professionals who do these things much better than I ever could. Good I don't try.


Oh lord and I get the builders in tommorrow.
They have asked for €2500 cash every friday. Unless there are special costs.
Pray for me

Gawain, best wishes. Over here, most walls are still standing ;-).

normally, in these situations, sauseschritt would not be able to be as fatalistic as ostracised at least tries to demonstrate. there is this big, red and hot rush of anger flooding my mind. and a bit later, after I have "killed" these images of carelessness and ignorance I try to answer these question: why, why, why ist it like that?
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