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10% of Austrians describe their interest in Austrian politics as 'very strong' (count me among them). 28% say their interest is 'rather strong', 40% say 'not very strong', and 22% have 'no interest at all' (do they vote?). My social status must be high (told you so) because "the higher somebody's social status, the better educated and the older, the higher is the likelihood that the person is very interested in politics". All this according to a study by IMAS, reports DerStandard [DE].

So we 10% then slog it out via our blogs. Or more often elsewhere, let's face it. Some options:
How hobby politicians could ever survive without computers, that I don't know any longer. And how do you deal with your addiction?


"which is sometimes a bit lazy but like this keeps the over-zealous types away,"

What do you mean by that?

Hi David, it has happened that a European political event of epic proportions occurs and none of the fistful have anything to write about it for days ;-). The over-zealous types are, for example, nationalist evangelists, of which there are pleasantly few in your comment threads.
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