This is only an attempt to express something. New forms of communication are tying people who are at distance closer together. It is possible to abstain from this pull, but for those who participate, the effects are clear. What was once too distant to be noticed now sometimes becomes an emotionally consuming process in real time as events unfold.

Sometimes this challenges distant participants to the limits of their ability, such as in the case when we are drawn into the most horrible events as powerless observers.

No! I want to shout at the hostage takers, you cannot hurt children for political aims, it is a massive category mistake, you are plain wrong, don’t you see? Then, as you feared would happen, the pictures start trickling in, bloodied bodies, rising casualty numbers.

You believe that by expressing yourself, you are dealing with the situation. You refuse to accept that all the audiences you are capable of reaching are not relevant for the issue at hand. Then again you try to be aware of that fact. You hesitate, you try to reflect, to moderate your raw feelings. Just to reach any audience would console you now, wouldn’t it. Share your sorrow and grief. That’s all.

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