Imagine you're unemployed in Sachsen, Eastern Germany, and inspite of your decent job qualifications your prospects to regain employment are slim. Do you deserve all that scorn and criticism directed at you, only because you have voted for the right extremist NPD in the state election, a party in the direct tradition of the nazis? Yes, absolutely, you deserve it, dear voter, shame on you!
According to an analysis by ZDF television, the NPD scored mainly among unemployed voters. 18% of this group had voted for the right extremist NPD. Also 13% of blue-collar workers had voted for NPD.

Nach einer ZDF-Wahlanalyse konnte die NPD vor allem bei den arbeitslosen Wählern punkten. Von ihnen hätten 18 Prozent die rechtsextreme Partei gewählt. Auch Arbeiter hätten mit 13 Prozent für die NPD gestimmt. (DerStandard [DE])
Let there be no competition to accommodate the political views of these voters (9% overall in Sachsen) in the democratic spectrum at the next election. Just ignore them - and continue the work to improve the economy.


Well, in a local council election held last week in east London, our beloved BNP (like the NPD but with Union Flags) won a seat after canvassing with a leaflet in Somali given out by the local hospital. They told the voters (who of course couldn't read it) that it said that "refugees" were being given priority on medical waiting lists. The matching English version of the leaflet simply details the services available to refugees.

Hi, thanks for linking to my blog. I just returned the favor. Austria is my favorire place - especially Vienna and its Donauinsel, and Neusiedler See. :))
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