I dreamt of John Kerry 

Last night I had a dream about the upcoming first debate between the presidential candidates in the US. The candidates were giving speeches, one after the other, with some moderation in between. John Kerry came first and did very poorly. He knew that he would have to be brilliant in order to keep his campaign alive, but he was dull and unconvincing, and as he finished, applause from the audience was only polite. He immediately recognised he had just lost his bid for the most important office in the world, and tears shot into his eyes as he walked to his seat among the audience where he would follow the rest of the event. He was sitting there crying, and George Bush, the compassionate conservative who sat next to him, patted his arm to console him.

Don't know whether I'll be awake at 3am to watch.


Funny, because I too did dream about the debate, but I dreamt Kerry was doing marvelous, and in the end, everyone congratulated him on his performance, patting his back, etc. Didn't see GWB in that dream, but I guess he was just sulking somewhere in the back (although he's such a "calm guy", haha).
I too set an alarm for 3 AM, but didn't even hear it. I watched the summary in the morning though, although I just can't stand it when I have to listen to hasty translations. I wish I had infamous "Zweikanalton". Fritz was a bit off with his analysis...he did seem a bit tired, so he's forgiven.
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