Haider on Turkey 

Jörg Haider, icon of the far right FPÖ and incidentally not my favourite politician, is in favour of allowing Turkey to enter the EU. For some people this fact is just beyond belief, given that most of Austria's political establishment, including the formal leadership of FPÖ, is against.

The Guardian thus incorrectly reports from Vienna (via Eursoc):
In Austria, the far-right leader and chief mischief maker, Jörg Haider, is threatening to bring down the centre-right government if it gives a green light to Turkish entry talks.
For the sake of truth, here's a translation of Haider's latest remarks on the subject [DE] (in weekly Format):
"Apparently we are led by horned cattle [Hornochsen] in this republic", opined Haider ... Haider criticised the negative position of EU-commissioner Franz Fischler and "of others in the Austrian government, who were in favour of [Turkey's] entry initially and are now warning against it" as "opportunism" and a "cynical ploy". ... "Also [Viennese socialdemocrat] mayor Häupl is in favour of negotiations, because there are very many Turkish-born voters in Vienna." They, said Haider, represent a voter market for the FPÖ - because "Turks are in reality rather conservative people and no leftists."


If I were a conservative Euroskeptic, I would also support Turkey's entry. The reason: As long as Turkey is in the EU, the EU will not federate, and attempts to achieve more supranational authority will be met with constant, relentless opposition. And the reason is that a significant portion of Europeans would feel uncomfortable giving Turkey the influence over the continent that her size demands. If it ever came to "one man, one vote," for example, Turkey would have more influence than Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland and Portugal combined. And Turkey is growing, while western European populations steadily decline.

I'm still surprised that Haider is for it, though.

Yes, but if you're a conservative eurosceptic xenophobe, you're in a dilemma. Which you then solve by invoking your capability to change most of your beliefs as you see fit for the issue at hand.

If Haider supports the entry of Turkey into the EU, then he is a traitor, plain and simple.

He has lost all credibility as a nationalist and has become just another cheap political opportunist.

How much did they pay you, Herr Haider?
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