Clairvoyance on the wings of experience 

Jonathan Vaughters predicts that Iban Mayo will win this year's Tour de France, the greatest sporting event of all in my humble opinion (via the excellent TDFblog). Plausible. Vaughters is a former Tour de France-rider, and I'm pretty sure my sentimental favourite, Lance Armstrong, is not going to make it this year. We're getting a tad old, Lance and I.

On the other hand, on 8 June Sodazitron had rather harsh words for Romanian disco-poppers O-Zone and their unavoidable 'Dragostea Tin Tei'. In the meantime, this happy-go-lucky bubbly nonsense by a superbly mixed Balkans boy-group singing in Romanian is a riskfree bet for this year's European summer tophit.

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