What's good about Barroso? 

Let me be a good citizen and ape the list presented by chancellor Schüssel on TV. Sometimes Schüssel can be good, he is a very controlled talker.

1. Barroso is from a non-founding member country.
2. Barroso is from the periphery of the EU.
3. Barroso has been successful in foreign policy - viz the peace treaty in Angola.
4. Barroso is polyglott.
5. Domestically, Barroso has addressed necessary but painful reforms with steadfastness, such as addressing a budget deficit.

And here is what Schüssel really meant [I'm trying to copy Wonkette's Thursday feature]:

1. Austria is a non-founding member too. Don't despair that I didn't become king of the EU this time, fellow countrymen, it may be our turn next time around.
2. The future Austrian king of the EU will resurrect the Habsburg empire.
3. Look, Chirac and the Belgians preferred somebody dealing with Angola over me, only because of that FPÖ coalition.
4. What the heck, even Benita talks to 101 heads of state in their own language.
5. He's a vote loser just like me, I like him.

[More serious discussion at Fistful of Euros]


Nice translation. Sounds absolutely true to the source.
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