Styles of talking about politics 

Are there at least these four styles of talking about politics?

Politicians style. Optimism is infectious, so never express any doubts or reflection. Voters like winners. Never say "Although conclusive evidence is lacking, I believe that...". Instead say "It is a scandal that some people deny that..."

Dissatisfied voter style. As you are never perfectly represented, there is always reason to be unsatisfied, and there is never a reason to hold back with criticism. In consequence, most of what you say about politics is expressed in the negative.

Scientific style. View politics as a discourse or power system or structure or network that you analyse, assuming the position of an outside observer, or that of an engaged observer. Anyway, you are always on top of the issues rather than arguing from within them.

Argumentative style. Comment on the issues relentlessly, let it be known what you think. Try to make an argument. Absorb the arguments made already and contribute something new, at least as far as you know. If you are a blogger, allow yourself to be personal, if you are a journalist, don't.

I believe the blogger will have the best time of them all.

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