Strache vs Vana, that is true brutality 

From the bottom drawer of Austrian politics. Heinz-Christian Strache has found a new campaign topic: 'Vienna flooded by streetwalking asylum seekers!' (somewhat reluctant link [DE]).
Vienna was currently overwhelmed by a flood of African prostitutes, most of whom are asylum seekers and can obtain, in addition to their daily allowance of 20 euro, another approximately 3,000 euro of income from the horizontal business. This was the warning of Vienna FPÖ-chairman Heinz-Christian Strache in a press conference. The core of the scandal was that this occurred completely legally, on a directive of the federal police directoriate and with the blessing of the municipality. Although federal law clearly pronounced that asylum seekers are not allowed gainful employment, there was apparently a legal interpretation loophole, exploiting which the federal police directoriate of Vienna interpreted the will of the lawmaker incorrectly, whether intentionally or unintentionally. On the other hand the Viennese prostitution law made a provision that only fundamental reasons for exclusions there(sic!), which means by reciprocal reasoning that asylum seekers can indeed engage in prostitution. Provocatively formulated, this means that the state, or the municipality of Vienna act as pimps in this matter. This was abused by the organised crime of the African asylum-seekers present here to take control of prostitution along with the drugs market, in the case of prostitution completely legally and with the knowledge and and tolerance of the public institutions!
The reader notes that absent from Strache's accusations are any numbers that would give an idea of the size of the alleged problem, so it is left to our imagination to figure out how many of the Viennese prostitutes are either African or asylum seekers. Strache has calculated their income though. If asylum seekers are indeed allowed by law to engage in prostitution - while being banned from any other kind of legal gainful employment - then this would be, quite frankly, bizarre. Although, what the link to specifically African asylum seekers should be must remain completely mysterious to any reader who tries to identify an honest argument here. But since when do populists provide evidence for their claims.

Let's see what Monika Vana of the local Green party made of this in her counter-press release [DE].
A racist all-around-attack and organised chase against sex workers without any proofs, and in best and unsuccessful 'Hump-Dump'-Kabas-manner [Kabas being Strache's helpless predecessor], that is what the accusations raised by FP-chairman Strache need to be called. ... It is dishonouring to put sex workers from Africa globally in the proximity of crime. The Greens have been demanding for years that asylum seekers should get an opportunity to take up work. Because the most effective measure for enabling asylum seekers to lead a meaningful existence is to be active and to have the feeling of being needed. The way Strache imagines it, for one thing not to open the labor market, for another to take away from women any possibility to engage in a legal activity, is nonsense for asylum-policy. ...
In the best case, I find Vana's wording rather unfortunate, in the worst case her message, beyond the Strache-bashing, is quite amazing. First she talks about African sex workers who should be treated fairly. Then, in the next sentence, she demands work permits for asylum seekers. Is this the same issue? The next sentence is talking about meaningful work and being needed. By being a sex worker?? And then Strache is chided for not wanting to allow legal work by asylum seekers while at the same time(?) not allowing legal activity - but what legal activity is Vana now talking about? The only way that sentence makes sense is if she is referring to asylum seeker prostitution as distinct from other types of work for which a work permit would be needed. So, in a situation where general work permits are not granted, Vana is then seriously in favour of a setup where female asylum seekers have a single legal option to earn money, and that is to be prostitutes? Stranger and stranger.

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