Moldavia - UPDATE: It's Moldova, stupid 

Sauseschritt has been in Moldavia, which she says has been forgotten by Europe.

I checked whether it has also been forgotten by the English-language web, here are numbers of Google search results for some European countries in the 3-4 million population bracket:

Ireland   35,700,000
Norway    17,200,000
Croatia    9,620,000
Lithuania  7,490,000
Albania    3,530,000
Moldavia     231,000 - UPDATE: Moldova 5,640,000 (see below)

UPDATE: As Randy McDonald kindly points out in a comment, this post is rubbish (this qualification is my own, people writing comments here are usually more polite), because the English word for that country is Moldova. Since Randy's comment was written, the number of Google hits for Moldova has increased from 5,620,000 to 5,640,000. Which means that Albania certainly deserves my further attention - and I know more about it too. Note to German-language bloggers: see how much you can learn by blogging in what you always thought to be English? ;-)

UPDATE II: Never mind that my numbers were wrong, I'm happy to see that Sauseschritt may have been motivated by them to provide more interesting coverage of Moldova (yes, Moldova). She also provides a link to Moldovan news site Moldova Azi that has for example a commentary on whether unification with Romania is a realistic option.

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