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I'll try to use Blogger's new internal comment service, which has email notifications. Please use the 'new comment' service from now on, the 'old comments' will probably disappear in a couple of weeks, unless there's a spam problem on Blogger comments (fingers crossed).

UPDATE: Oh well, there are downsides. Commenters either have to create a free Blogger account, or sign as 'Anonymous'. On the upside, html is supported, so you can still sign with a link to your page - it's only a bit annoying. Also, spam comments can be deleted, yippie.


test link?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

What I do not like on Blogger's Comment-System is that it is anonymously, when you do not have a blogger account! Otherwise I think it's great.

so do links work or not?


just another test


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