Politician: Horror! Iraq moves into Austrian neighbourhood 

Ursula Stenzel, the top candidate of ÖVP (the governing Austrian conservative party) for the upcoming EU election has once again spoken out against allowing Turkey to become an EU member [in German]. This time her argument is that if Turkey was in the EU, Iraq and Syria would be EU-neighbours. The prospect of having Iraq as a neighbour she finds "horrifying" (grauenhaft). I must say, I have to agree that I can't see Iraq's 25 million people living in my current neighbour's two-room flat, and I prefer that they remain at the Persian Gulf. But serious politics this is not.

Mrs Stenzel also thinks that "Europe must take a deep breath", which means that no further countries must be allowed to join apart from Bulgaria and Romania (she even forgets Croatia here), namely "for the next 10 to 14 years by all means, maybe 20 years". Maybe Mrs Stenzel should not be the one who makes these decisions.

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