More profound argumentation about Turkey 

Hans-Christian Strache is the leader of the right-populist freedom party in the municipiality of Vienna. He is 34, full of ambition, pictured on hundreds of billboards in Vienna, has a personal website full of his portrait pictures (17 of them in a row at the bottom of every single page), and has been met with icy ridicule in this commentary [in German] from conservative daily Die Presse.

Among his muscle-driven press statements and campaign themes is his opposition to an EU-entry of Turkey. The respective page on his website sports a huge flying Turkish flag, but then flatly rejects Turkish EU-membership solely on the grounds that "if the European community of nations, with its basic coherence established through christian faith, makes a non-European, rapidly re-islamising country its member, then this would be the end of EU." Now nobody - and least of all Strache's targetted voters - will believe that an adherent of the 'national' wing of the freedom party has serious concerns for religion, so this reduces to the deeply philosophical issue of the allocation of the Turkish land mass to both sides of the Bosporus. And Strache is proud to point out that only "three percent" are on the European side. I hope that this profound argument represents only three percent of Strache's analytical capability.

For more serious discussion, please have a look at Randy McDonald's discussion of the Armenia issue today at Living in Europe.

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