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As this blog is getting a bit older, I am becoming aware of what a strange but interesting process blogging is. It sharpens my attention for things to read, leads to an increased hunger for information that can be processed in this daily rhythm. Short pieces of striking interest are needed for input. What about longer reads, such as books? They certainly don't fit in the daily rhythm very well. I believe literary critics write about one review per week, to the exclusion of much other work. So the reading here is leaning towards the breathless.
The writing is the really wild beast though. The Aardvark, with so much more experience, has a post about this. He and Gary Turner discuss the 'identity split' that arises as one constructs one's blog persona, something that may be easier to accept for the anonymous bloggers than for the identifiable ones. Gary Turner has just abandoned his blog for this reason. I have an idea that a solution is to set limits to the blog persona, which is allowed to cover only some well-defined aspects of one's whole range of interests and topics. The blog could then provide the framework for the continuous development of that aspect, which might even be one that receives too little attention otherwise.


DON'T limit yourself, the mainstream media journalists have to do that anyway. The public discussion has become too formal and therefore free of relevant meaning (is there an english word for Sprechblasen). As politics is about influencing our lives the personal relevance should be included IMHO. Only bloggers have that freedom. Blogging is the new kid on the media block and already shaping the sector to some extent in the US. With a time-lag this will happen here as well - if bloggers excel in adding opined value. Blogging complements the media as they add a lot of expertise ot found in the editorial rooms or just omitted for reasons of time pressure. See also this post
And especially Austria certainly needs a lot more open discussions as we are just too hooked on the concept of conflict-avoiding, striving for harmony where there can be none.
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