Instapundit, Sullivan, and a war that is lost 

Both Glenn Reynolds and Andrew Sullivan, the top two bloggers worldwide, congratulate themselves today on having set new daily visitors-records, and Reynolds wonders where they came from.

I can tell you, Sir. People are recognising that these last few days, the war in Iraq has been lost, and they are looking for clues what will happen next.

La Repubblica publishes contents of two CIA manuals on how to torture prisoners. Meanwhile, Lynndie England claims she was ordered to pose for the cameras in exactly the way she did by her superiors.

The Washington Post publishes results of a new poll on the attitude of Iraqis towards the occupation forces, which shows that over 80% of Iraqis had a negative attitude towards the coalition authorities. The paper quotes insiders from the military who confirm that these numbers have been deteriorating in recent months, rather than improving, as the US government has always claimed they would. Mind you, the poll was taken shortly BEFORE the release of the Abu Ghraib pictures.

There is now no way that the Iraqi population in a shiny democratic Iraq will provide a stronghold for the US in the fight against terrorism. Without that, the invasion remains unjustifiable, and all the invasion-related deaths of the last 14 months will have been in vain. Saddam's removal alone can never condone them.

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